WhizPan: WhizLid companion frying pan

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While WhizLid can universally fit any frying pan or wok that has a diameter of 30cm (12") or larger, we have also specially designed the WhizPan for using with WhizLid. With a specially designed upper edge that makes a WhizLid sits perfectly on top of a WhizPan. You can easily turn Whizlid in any directions on a WhizPan without fearing WhizLid will tilt or fallen off the pan.

WhizPan is made of 0.7mm thick stainless steel for sturdiness and easy cleaning without any health hazard (aluminum is known to cause Alzheimer's disease; the health hazard of fallen Teflon pieces is unknown). Though stainless steel is clean and sturdy, it does not conduct heat well. Therefore, we have added two layers of other metals to increase the heat conductitivity also the increase even heating on the bottom: a thick layer of aluminum wraped in a layer of copper. Silver, copper, and aluminum are the three metals that has the best heat conductivity (silver is the best, copper is second, aluminum is third). Apparently silver is not economical for this purpose. Therefore we have chosen both copper and aluminum for our design. Copper will change color after using or prolonged exposing to air. However, the discolorization will not affect its heat conducting capabilities.

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