WhizLid: Delicious cooking without messy aftermath!

Want to master the healthful art of stir-fry cookery? WhizMom has good news for you! WhizMom is on your side! Her new range of patented and other products take most physical effort out of this centuries-old art while helping preserve a sparkling kitchen! Stir frying has been used by skilled cooks for centuries as an efficient way of preparing and presenting good-looking healthy family meals in minutes. Perhaps you have seen professional chefs or top demonstration pros show how easy it can be. Perhaps you’ve tried it yourself, and found that what’s easy for the pros can be harder than they make it look … and disappointing in its results. Inexpert stir frying can cover your clothing and surfaces near your stove with unsightly spatters of cooking oil. But that doesn’t happen when you use the patented WhizLid on your wok or western-style frying pan. And WhizMom offers a matching WhizPan to ensure you the best and cleanest possible stir- fry experience. Many people find turning the cooking food in their wok or western-style frying pan, tiring and discouraging. But that work is easier and less fatiguing using the patented WhizTurner. Many people find their present frying pan cooks unevenly so part of their stir-fried food gets burned, while the rest stays raw or under-cooked. The WhizPan is designed to ensure you will cook faster over evenly-distributed heat to produce superior results. And your WhizMom’s helpful approach to ensuring that you produce the best possible results outside the kitchen … at your BBQ. Her patented BBQ fork ensures that you need never drop a piece of BBQ on your grill again! Read on to see how WhizMom products will help you move into a confident new era of producing delicious and healthful food for your family with the minimum of fuss and the minimum of mess! WhizMom equals Sparkling kitchen and Delicious food and will lead to Happy and Healthy family! us-contacts.html
itemdiameterpan or lid
[W8300D]: Delux Whizlid+pan 29.5cm   1.2mmstainless steel lid, iron pan, non-stick w/ certified DuPont Teflon $69.95 [buy!]
[W8294T]: Delux Whizlid+pan 29.4cm   0.8mmstainless steel gold-plated handles, oven-friendly $69.95 [buy!]
[W8262T]: Delux Whizlid+pan 26.2cm   0.8mmstainless steel gold-plated handles, oven-friendly $64.95 [buy!]
[W8315G]: Universal Whizlid 31.5cm  0.7mm fits any frying pan or wok 32 cm (13") or larger $52.95 [buy!]
[W8295G]: Universal Whizlid 29.5cm  0.7mm fits any frying pan or wok 30 cm (12") or larger $49.95 [buy!]


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