Whizmom baked salmon

2 large pieces of salmon (about one pound each)
3 tblsp of soybean sauce
3 tblsp of BBQ sauce 
   (BBQ sauce can be substituted with 2 tblsp of cooking wine+2tsp sugar+2tsp black pepper)
2 heads of green onion
2 clovers of garlic
1/8 lb of margarin (or butter)

Chop green onion and garlic into small pieces, In a bowl mix well chopped garlic, soybean sauce and BBQ sauce (see [photo1]).

Pour the sauce onto the salmon. Use hands to spread the sauce evenly on the salmon.

Melt 1/8 lb margarin at the bottom of Whizpan, spread well. Put the salmon in the Whizpan. Put green onion on top of the fish (see [photo2]). Cover the glass lid and close the top vent. Bake at 425 degree for 35 minutes and a tender, juicy, and delicious baked salmon will be ready for your gastrimal enjoyment! (see [photo3])
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