Potato pork

material preparation

1. making bursting fragrance:

   2 head of green onion slice diagonally into thin strips of about 4 cm (1.5") long.

   3 clovers of garlic sliced into thin wafers.

   small piece of ginger minced into tiny pieces.

   (optionally if you like hot) two red hot pepper cut into small pieces

2. preparing spicy flavor juice

   half cup of chicken broth add the following and mix well: 
   1 teaspoon of salt
   1 teaspoon of sugar
   1 teaspoon of white pepper
   1 teaspoon of curry
   1 teaspoon of cornstarch

3. preparing meat:

   pork 200 gram (1/2 pound) cut into strips of about 4cm long 0.5cm thick
   (1.5" long, 1/3" thick)

   mix well with 1 tablespoon of soy bean sauce and one teaspoon of cornstarch.
   put in a bowl.

4. preparing vegetable:

   500 gram (1 pound) of potato. Use a potato slicer to slice into thin strips 

   half head of red bell pepper (not hot) cut into strips about the same as the
   potato strips.

Stir frying:

step 1: bursting fragrance

Pour half cup of vegetable oil into frying pan, put on Whizlid without top glass lid. Turn heat to the highest point. Wait until oil is about boiling point (some thin white smoke comes out) throw in the mixture of "bursting fragrance".

step 2: adding meat

Several seconds later after the "bursting fragrance" action, pour the (marinated) pork mixture from the top of the Whizlid into the pan. Use a spatula (or Whizturner preferred) insert from the big opening and turn the content inside the pan for about 10 seconds or until the meat is about 60% cooked.

step 3: adding vegetable

throw in the potato strips from the big opening of Whizlid.

Stir fry (from the big opening) for about 30 seconds and then pour in "flavors/spices juice" and then add the red bell pepper; then continue to stir fry another minute.

step 4: steaming

Put on the glass lid, close the top vent, steam for one minute.

step 5: done!

Turn off the heat, and remove the food and put in a dish and

Dinner is ready!

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