Generic material

Any Chinese dishes are consisted of the following four main categories:

(The quantity suggested below is for one medium dish. 3 medium dishes and 4 cups of soup and 4 bowls of rice will feed a family of 4 for a descent dinner.)

1: bursting fragrance material

vegetable oil half cup
green onion 2 to 3 pieces, cut into small pieces
garlic 2 to 3 cloves, chop to small pieces
ginger root (optional, about the size of one garlic clove), chop to small pieces

2: flavors/spices juice

   half cup of water + 3 tablespoons of soy bean sauce  
     + 2 teaspoons of sugar(optional)
     + 1 teaspoon of cornstarch
   half cup of water + 2 teaspoons of salt + 2 tablespoons of sugar
     + 1 teaspoon of msg(optional)
     + 1 teaspoon of cornstarch
   half cup of chicken broth + 1 tablespoon of soy bean sauce
     + 1 teaspoon of salt
     + 1 teaspoon of cornstarch

also optionally add one teaspoon of pepper (white pepper is preferred to black)
and/or one teaspoon of vinegar.

3: meat

200 to 500 grams (0.4 to 1 pound) of beef, pork, chicken, fish, or tofu
cut into thin slices, strips, or small cubes

Put the cut meat in a bowl; add one teaspoon of soy sauce and one teaspoon of cornstarch
and optionally one teaspoon of vinegar;
mix or marinate about half minute so that soy sauce and cornstarch are
evenly absorbed into meat.

4: vegetable

500 gram (one pound) of any vegetable, cut into big pieces

Generic Stir Frying

step 1: bursting fragrance

Pour half cup of vegetable oil into frying pan, put on Whizlid on the pan with without glass lid turn heat to the highest point.

Wait until oil is about boiling point (some thin white smoke comes out) throw in the mixture of "bursting fragrance".

You will hear a frightening sizzling sound "bursting" from inside the pan and you will see a thick white smoke gushing out from the big opening of Whizlid. Luckily with Whizlid, no burning oil will spill outside the pan; and with the help of Whizlid, all the thick white, pungent smelly smoke will flow directly into the exhaust fan and out of the house. You won't have the chance to smell any of such "fragrance" at all! Your neighbor mowing his lawn outside may wonder: "Something smells really delicious! I hope my wife can cook that good!"

This "bursting fragrance" action is the most important secret key to a successful, delicious Chinese dish. Before the invention of Whizlid, most Chinese cooking teachers to westerner students would "mollify" this "bursting fragrance" step in order to avoid its violent aftermath. That is one of the reasons why you could probably never be able to cook a Chinese dish as delicious as that of a Chinese restaurant.

step 2: adding meat

Several seconds later after the "bursting fragrance" action, pour the (marinated) meat mixture from the big opening the Whizlid into the pan. Use a spatula (or Whizturner preferred) insert from the big opening and turn the content inside the pan for about 20 seconds or until the meat is about 90% cooked.

Turn the heat to low and take off and take the meat out and put aside back to its bowl (keep the liquid part in the pan).

step 3: adding vegetable

Turn the heat back to high and (optionally) add a tablespoon of vegetable to the pan. Wait some seconds or until the pan is hot again, throw in the vegetable from the big opening of Whizlid.

Stir fry the vegetable (from the big opening) for about one minute and then pour in "flavors/spices juice" then continue to stir fry a few more minutes till the vegetable is 90% cooked.

step 4: mixing

Pour back the meat mixture and stir fry some 20 seconds or so. Some vegetable may require a short steaming session for a few more minutes. To steam, put on the glass lid and close the top vent.

step 5: done!

Turn off the heat, (remove the glass lid) and remove the food and put in a dish and

Dinner is ready!

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