W8300D: WhizLid+WhizPan

W8300D is the delux combo that consists of 3 parts:

  1. 29.5cm (11.6") stainless steel Whizlid
  2. 16cm small glass lid (with strengthened glass)
  3. matching 30cm (12") non-stick iron frying pan with DuPont Teflon coating

WhizPan: the ideal WhizLid companion While WhizLid fits on any frying pan or wok with a diameter of 30cm (12") or larger, its ideal companion is the WhizPan. Designed with a special upper edge to seat its WhizLid perfectly on top, the WhizPan allows you to turn the lid easily and securely in any direction without fearing it will tilt or fall off the pan.

The frying pan is made of sturdy 1.2mm iron, coated with highest quality, certified DuPont Teflon for non-stickness and easy-to-clean. Iron is sturdy, conducts heat fast and evenly; it is also healthy with no health hazard known to other material (such as aluminum).

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gross weight: 2.5Kg, package size:44x31x20cm