W8262T: WhizLid+WhizPan

W8262T is the delux combo that consists of 4 parts:

  1. 26.5cm (10.5") stainless steel Whizlid
  2. 16cm small glass lid (with strengthened glass)
  3. matching stainless steel frying pan with aluminum and copper bottom
  4. matching steaming rack

In addition to the apparent no-mess convenience of stir-frying cooking with WhizLid (see [usage]); there is not plastic part in any part of W8262T. It is oven-friendly and you can place the whole unit inside the oven to cook food (e.g. baking chicken).

WhizPan: the ideal WhizLid companion While WhizLid fits on any frying pan or wok with a diameter of 28cm (11") or larger, its ideal companion is the WhizPan. Designed with a special upper edge to seat its WhizLid perfectly on top, the WhizPan allows you to turn the lid easily and securely in any direction without fearing it will tilt or fall off the pan.

Made of sturdy, easy-to-clean 0.7mm stainless steel, WhizPan helps its users avoid possible health risks from using other materials. Aluminum is suspected by some of contributing to Alzheimer's disease, and failed Teflon products may present other health hazards.

The WhizPan spreads cooking heat evenly by the addition of a two-metal conductivity base. A thick layer of aluminium is wrapped in a layer of copper. These are two of the most heat-conductive metals: They spread heat evenly and rapidly. Both are outside the WhizPan. They never touch the food.

The conductivity of copper has been known for centuries, and the world’s finest restaurant kitchens have many top-of-the-line cooking vessels that take advantage of it. Copper changes color after using or prolonged exposure to air. This does not affect its heat conducting capabilities.

In addition, a steaming rack designed for W8262T is also included, so that you can use W8262T as a steamer! steamer

64.95 [Buy W8262T!]

gross weight: 1.92Kg, package size:42.5x28x18.2cm